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Product Comparisons


From time to time we hear criticism from customers who have found similar products at a cheaper price. One email writer recently screamed "GET COMPETITIVE!!!" after he found he could have bought a competitor's hidden latch for a cheaper price. Our response of course is that we are extremely competitive and intent on providing the best quality products in the industry. Companies that sell similar products will tell you that MAR-K is the competition. Sure you can sometimes pay less for other products, but in the long run, the cheaper price may not be the best value. Here are some examples of why MAR-K products are superior quality.

Consider Quality vs Price


There are lots of "cheaper" tailgate latches out there, but when you consider the quality of the latches that hold your tailgate closed and protect the integrity of the bed, you may want to take another look at those "cheaper imitations."

Latch Image

MAR-K hidden tailgate latches have a unique "locking" system that allows them to stay in the open position. Imagine trying to hold both latches open at the same time to open or close the tailgate, especially if yours is a fleetside or if you are holding something with one hand. With the MAR-K hidden latches, you can lock one in the open position and then the other, making the task simpler and with less risk of damaging the bedside as you open or close the tailgate.

The small plastic knob on the competitor's latch is easily bent or broken. MAR-K latches include a durable anodized aluminum knob which is rotated to lock the latch in the open position.

The latches are available in zinc plated steel and stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. (Ford latches are only available in zinc-plated steel at this time. Dodge steel and stainless latches both have an aluminum outer "barrel".) The competitor steel latches are plain steel without plating.

If you are installing a hidden latch on your 58-66 GM fleetside, you will need an additional bracket to receive the grommet for the latch plunger. This special bracket is included with the MAR-K hidden latch. The competitor expects you to provide that yourself.

MAR-K hidden latches include all installation hardware and complete instructions for your specific truck, not a generic instruction that might not provide the detail needed for your installation. MAR-K instructions include year specific photos, and measurements to guide you through the installation process.

MAR-K offers hidden latches for both Fords and Dodges. Both are specifically designed to work in the unique designs of those truck tailgates. The competitor's "one size fits all" does not work well on those trucks. You can see below that the Ford Kit is different from the GM and the Dodge!

Latch Image


Why MAR-K is the better bed side

MAR-K's electro-galvanized steel bed sides are made here in Oklahoma City, USA. This is important because you know it will have the correct steel gage thickness and welded construction like the original. A complete GM bed side is made up of the bed side panel, the front and rear stake pockets and the steel angle strip. Ford complete bed sides are made up of the bed side panel, the front and rear stake pockets and the front and back extension panels. Fender holes and angle holes are punched with the correct hole patterns. Bed sides can also be purchased with or without the stake pocket holes for no additional charge.

There are also over 20 other options for your bed sides. These custom "UPGRADES" are a MAR-K exclusive. Since we make your bed sides right here, we can customize them in lots of different ways. This can save you time and money at the body shop. Try polished stainless angles or teardrops welded on. Choose no latch, no angles, no fender holes or no embossment - it all depends on what you want to do with your ride. We also have some specialized upgrades for certain makes and models, for example, we can install the latch pin to work with our custom tailgate with handle and latch mechanism. See the many examples below and you'll know why MAR-K is the better bed side.

Bed Side Upgrades

MAR-K makes bed sides in a dedicated manufacturing "cell" so that custom bed sides with upgrades can be made as soon as possible. Our computerized production control system allows us to make custom bed sides with upgrades right along with the standard bed sides for minimum delays and to assure consistently accurate parts. USA made means not only better quality, but quicker shipment and custom parts available. See pictures from the "cell" below.

Bed Side Upgrades

Why MAR-K's Mouldings Offer Greater Value


CaliperMAR-K moldings are carefully manufactured to match the shape and dimension of the original parts. We use original vehicles or original parts as patterns and reproduce the curves and shapes for correct fit. Passenger car door moldings include the tabs on the backside that match the locations of the original tabs.

MAR-K moldings are carefully buffed to produce a highly reflective surface, and all aluminum moldings are bright anodized for long term durability and to protect the shine. Caliper The photo of a 62-66 molding shows the superior reflectivity of MAR-K moldings (left in photo) compared to the import molding (right in photo). This picture also shows the differences in the shape of the spear. MAR-K's moulding on the left is the same shape and dimensions as the original.

MAR-K moldings include the clips needed for installation on your specific truck or car. In some cases we manufacture the special clips that are needed for correct installation. Both the upper and lower molding sets for 69-72 GM trucks include clips manufactured by Mar-K specifically to correctly fit the moldings.

ClipsWe purchase aluminum and stainless alloys that are designed specifically for automotive trim applications. Our suppliers are very quality conscious and supply excellent materials. We work with American polishing and anodizing companies that understand our requirements for quality workmanship. You can be assured that MAR-K moldings will be shiny for a long time.

ClipsMoldings that have a painted accent stripe are carefully cleaned and prepared for painting, then masked by hand and painted. We have done extensive research and experimenting to obtain a durable paint system for this application.

As are all MAR-K parts, they are made in Oklahoma City, USA! So you can be sure the quality is better than anything made anywhere else.


Caliper MAR-K manufactures steel floor cross sills for 67-72 Fleetside trucks using the same gage steel materials that were used originally. When you are talking about the parts that help support the bed of your truck, this is very important! Also, all of our MAR-K cross sills are made with accurate bends and dimensions and welded construction like the originals. Be careful where you buy your truck parts. You do not want to put a lesser quality cross sill on your truck to support a steel floor bed and any load you might be carrying!

Another important thing to note is that other companies are selling one "universal" cross sill for all cross sill locations. This is NOT original. MAR-K cross sills are made like the original and are specific to each cross sill location. See the pictures below. The black cross sill on the bottom is the other company's cross sill. You can see two different cross sills that MAR-K makes on the top. These two are different from the first and from each other. These are located at the 2nd and 3rd locations on a short fleetside and on the 3rd and 4th location on a long fleetside. Bolt holes are punched in the MAR-K cross sills where the other cross sill has none. The MAR-K cross sills also have brackets welded in place where the other cross sill has none. Not only does this make a difference with the structural integrity of your truck floor, but it also makes it easier to install.

In addition to the cross sills, MAR-K also makes 2 sizes of reinforcement strips for this truck, just like original.

All of this comes down to the fact that MAR-K can control the quality of its parts because ours are made right here in Oklahoma City, USA. We ARE the manufacturers. And we go to great lengths to ensure that our parts are made correctly and fit great!

MAR-K Tailgates - Proper Fit and Best Value


MAR-K tailgates are manufactured using the same thickness steel materials that were used originally. This results in a product that is as strong as the original tailgate and has the same look as the original. It does not feel springy or "flimsy" as do the tailgates from other companies. The skin of our tailgates is 16 gage steel, electrogalvanized, and formed and welded like the original. An import "no script" GM stepside tailgate weighs about 23 lbs while the MAR-K no-script tailgate weighs 28 lbs, as does the original tailgate. This lightweight construction causes a significant reduction in strength and would not be acceptable for most pickup truck applications. The last thing you need is for the tailgate to be damaged by someone innocently stepping on the tailgate or pushing on the truck and buckling the tailgate and ruining your paint. Select Mar-K parts that will perform to your expectations.

MAR-K tailgates are spot welded with substantial welds that are accurately spaced and aligned with the bends and edges. We use a purpose-built spot welding machine that controls all the processes with a computer and is very repeatable. We regularly perform destructive tests during each production run to verify that the welds are strong. The photo below, left shows the welds on a MAR-K tailgate. As you can see, the welds are consistent and evenly spaced.


The photo above right shows an actual import tailgate which has welds that are much smaller and that are very erratically aligned. Unfortunately, poor quality such as this is all too typical. This lack of caring about appearance and size of the welds is not appropriate for a properly built custom truck. Compare that to the photo of the MAR-K tailgate with the precision welds accurately spaced (above left). The MAR-K tailgate is stronger and has a better quality appearance. There is a difference and you don't have to settle for inferior products. Specify MAR-K Quality Parts, and you will really receive top quality products for your truck.

MAR-K tailgates are available in a wide-ranging variety of custom options. Because our tailgates are made right here in our Oklahoma City plant, we can manufacture and supply custom tailgates such as louvres, embossed bowtie, smooth, no-script, no latch, flush fit double wall, and tailgates with integral latches and handle. There are over 25 different types of tailgates available for a 1950 Chevy Stepside and this is just one example of the many choices. These options are just not available from importers and we continue to develop more varieties to satisfy your need for custom tailgates.

At MAR-K we regularly test fit our products to make sure that all dimensions are accurate and will fit the original trucks. Tailgates must fit and operate smoothly for satisfactory performance. The bends are made on our modern computer controlled presses for repeatable accuracy. When you choose MAR-K your parts will fit properly and you will get the best value for your money. And best of all, the parts are manufactured right here in the USA by Americans that really care about providing the best pickup parts for your ride.

The differences between tailgates is typical of the differences we see between all of the parts we make and those of the "other guys". Insist on MAR-K manufactured products and BUY MAR-K QUALITY!

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