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About Us

MAR-K started 44 years ago in a garage when our original owners were restoring an old Corvette. They couldn't find the parts they needed so they started making them. Then they discovered that if Corvette parts were hard to find, old truck parts were nearly impossible. And MAR-K Specialized Manufacturing was born. From humble beginnings of a couple parts in a garage to a 2-building manufacturing facility making over 6,000 parts, MAR-K has grown to be one of the country's premier truck parts manufacturers.

What makes us different? MAR-K makes its parts in Oklahoma City, USA. We offer QUALITY parts built by Americans for old American-made trucks and cars. That is hard to find these days, in a world of imports.

We strive to be the benchmark against which all other truck parts are compared, from our outstanding parts to our quality shipping practices. MAR-K parts are shipped to thousands of retail customers and over 70 dealers all over the United States and Canada. Our ultimate goal is for every truck part sold to be a MAR-K part, whether we sell it or someone else does. We just know that MAR-K parts install, fit and are made better than any other parts out there - sometimes even better than the original.

Our Mission

MAR-K is a manufacturer and supplier of superior quality products for the automotive restoration and restyling markets. Our mission is:

To be the preferred supplier for customers who are quality-conscious.

To inform and educate in order to provide the best customer service.

To continue to be a leader in the industry through constant development and improvements of products and services.

To do right in all of our business practices with our customers, employees and community.

Why MAR-K?

We manufacture precision sheet metal replacement body and trim parts for the automotive aftermarket. Products are typically roll formed, press formed, welded, or machined parts in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic. Our product line includes thousands of replacement parts for older cars and pickup trucks, including pickup bed parts, body moldings, battery trays, hardware items, wood bed floors and custom parts.

MAR-K QUALITY PARTS AREN'T FOR EVERYONE. At MAR-K we build our parts for owners and builders who recognize the importance of buying parts which are precision made for accurate fit and long term durability. Our customers understand that a poor quality part ends up being more expensive than one which is made right, especially when costs of installation, modification for proper fit and appearance of the finished job are considered. MAR-K parts are also made here in Oklahoma City, USA!

Toll Free 844-MAR-K844   Local 405-721-7945   FAX 405-721-8906

MAR-K Quality Parts 6625 W Wilshire Blvd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132

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