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Made in the USA

MAR-K manufactures precision sheet metal replacement body and trim parts for the automotive aftermarket. Our product line includes thousands of replacement parts for older cars and pickup trucks, including pickup bed parts, wood bed floors, body moldings, hardware items and many custom parts.

American-made MAR-K products are acclaimed to be the best quality in the industry.

At MAR-K we build our parts for owners and builders who recognize the importance of buying parts which are precision made for accurate fit and long term durability.

Learn more about what makes a MAR-K part better than the rest.

American-made Bed Sides

MAR-K's electro-galvanized steel bed sides are made here in Oklahoma City, USA. This is important because you know it will have the correct steel gage thickness and welded construction like the original. Fender holes and angle holes are punched with the correct hole patterns. MAR-K makes bed sides in a dedicated manufacturing "cell" so that custom bed sides with upgrades can be made as soon as possible. Our computerized production control system allows us to make custom bed sides with upgrades right along with the standard bed sides for minimum delays and to assure consistently accurate parts. USA made means not only better quality, but quicker shipment and custom parts available.


MAR-K bed side curls are formed in this tool in our bed side cell. It accurately shapes the metal in a straight line and keeps it consistently strong and reliable.

Measurement Check

GM and Ford Stamping

MAR-K is licensed to make Chevy, GMC and Ford parts. Here you can see the Chevrolet Script Engraving for one of our tailgates. MAR-K parts are approved by GM and Ford because of the quality of the parts and accuracy of the stamping.

Chevrolet Die

Chevrolet Stamp

MAR-K's Wood Room

Wood Room

We make our wood floors out of 15 different types of wood, from oak and pine to exotic woods. Board are grooved, sanded and cut-to-size in many different wood bed patterns. If we don't have your pattern, then the boards are custom cut to fit your truck. Boards are carefully inspected for imperfections and only the best boards go on to be a MAR-K wood floor!

Wood Room

Boards are available with or without the bed-to-frame mouting holes. MAR-K's standard bed-to-frame mounting holes are offset and countersunk for a flush surface. We also make boards with hidden bed-to-frame holes where the wood is drilled with a recessed clearance below the board for bed-to-frame mounting bolts (pictured here). Boards rest on the cross sills as original and completely hide the bed-to-frame bolts.

Spot Welding

Spot Welder

Many of our MAR-K parts are spot welded and have substantial welds that are accurately spaced and aligned with the bends and edges. We use a purpose-built spot welding machine that controls all the processes with a computer and is very repeatable. We regularly perform destructive tests during each production run to verify that the welds are strong. The photo shows the welds on a MAR-K front bed panel. As you can see, the welds are consistent and evenly spaced.

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