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Angle/Bed Strips

Q: How long can you make a bed strip?
We can make steel or stainless steel bed strips nearly any length you want! Aluminum bed strips are available up to 97" long. Order your bed strips with or without holes for any custom application. We have standard bed strips available in polished or unpolished stainless steel and steel and bed strips with hidden fasteners in polished or unpolished stainless steel, steel and aluminum.Angle Strips, Angle Covers and Bed strips can all be purchased through our Online Catalog. We can make custom strips according to your dimensions. We just need you to fill out our custom forms and fax or mail them to us.
Q: How can I remove the edge boards on my 73 Chevy stepside bed if I do not remove the angle strip bolts?
You can remove the bed wood edge boards without removing the angle strip bolts by destroying the edge board or by removing the rear sill and front bed panel. New edge boards are installed by sawing a slot from the angle strip bolt hole to the edge of the board, then sliding the edge board under the angle strip.
Q: I have a 73 Chevy Stepside. How do I get the angle strip bolts out?
GM pickups from 1973 to 1987 originally had the angle strip bolts welded to the angle, making them very hard to remove. You should try to keep the original bolts in place if the threads are not damaged or rusted. If it is necessary to remove damaged bolts, grind the bolt heads away completely with a body grinder until the original angle strip material under the bolt head is exposed. Be careful to prevent damage to the angle strip. Then tap the bolt up through the angle strip to remove it. If you are removing the angle strip entirely, then just remove the angle strip with the bolts intact. For more information on this see our instructions for 73-87 angle strips.
Q: What is an angle cover? Does it go over the bolts?
Angle covers are made for GM and Dodge Stepside trucks. They are similar to an angle strip but cover the existing angle strip to renew the appearance. Angle covers do not go over the angle strip bolts. The angle strip bolts pass through the angle cover and the angle strip, and hold the angle cover firmly down against the angle strip. The angle covers come without holes so you can drill your own holes to perfectly match the original bolt locations.

Bed Wood

Q: I purchased bed wood last year. Can I return it?
Bed wood is only guaranteed for 14 days from the date it ships. For this reason, it is better to wait to order your bed wood until right before you are ready to install it in your truck. Custom Bed Wood is NOT RETURNABLE.
Q: Is it possible to convert a metal bed to wood using your parts?
If you own a 67-72 GM wide bed pickup with original steel floor, MAR-K can supply replacement parts to convert it to a wood floor, which was an option in those models. For other applications we can provide custom designed metal strips, wood boards, and hardware to your specification for most any truck or trailer. These parts can be laid on top of the metal bed, or the bed could be cut out and replaced with our parts. We only make straight cuts in the wood (no wheel tub cutouts) and the maximum width per board is 9". See a list of parts. Further information about custom bed parts available in the MAR-K catalog.
Q: Is it possible to mount the bed to the frame without the bed wood?
Yes. Instead of the complete bed wood kit, you will need to install a strip of wood on each side of the bed under the angle strip. It should be 3/4" thick and at least 1-1/2" wide and should have holes drilled to match the angle strip holes. This board will act as a spacer between the cross sills and the angle strip to position the bedsides at the correct height over the cross sills.

Your cross sills should attach to the frame at the bed to frame mounting points, and the rear sill also attaches to the frame. Just pass the bed to frame bolts through the cross sills to bolt them to the frame. All cross sills attach to the angle strip, which holds the bedside in position relative to the frame and cab. Just be sure to put the 3/4" thick board between the angle and the cross sills.
Q: Do I have to remove the bed to replace the bed wood boards?
You do not have to remove the bed for the wood installation. Many people remove the bed to get easier access to all the bolts that come through. This also gives you the chance to inspect for rust or other damage. If you do not remove the bed, be sure to support the bed sides when you take out the old wood. Lift each side slightly to remove and replace the edge boards. The center boards can be removed and replaced without lifting the bed sides.
Q: I have a truck that is not listed in your online catalog. Can you still make bed wood for my truck?
Yes, we can make custom bed wood, strips and hardware for nearly any truck. We just need you to fill out our custom forms and fax or mail them to us. Custom bed wood is not returnable.
Q: Do you finish your wood?
No, MAR-K oak bed wood is grooved, sanded, cut-to-size and ready for you to finish. MAR-K pine bed wood is grooved, planed, cut-to-size and ready for you to sand and finish. See suggestions on how to finish your bed wood or see our wood finishing tests for information on different finishes
Q: What is the best finish for bed wood?
See our wood finishing tests for information on different finishes. The black painted wood, in our testing, seems to hold up the best under continuous outdoor exposure. Failure of the finish usually occurs first at a sharp edge of the board or at the ends. A few hints:

  1. Round over all the sharp edges of the wood to at least 1/16" radius and more if you can. This will keep the coating from becoming thin on these areas.
  2. Be sure to saturate the ends of the boards with the coating until they will not absorb any more. We try to put twice as many coats of finish on the ends of the boards as on the surfaces.
  3. Pine wood boards are best painted or with a natural finish. These boards do not take stain very well and the grain patterns do not always match, especially on the larger boards.
  4. For show quality beds, we recommend using oak as the grain is tighter and more uniform.
Q: Is your wood treated?
Our wood is kiln dried, not treated. Kiln drying is a process of heating the boards to reduce the amount of moisture to 10 percent for oak and 25% for pine. Kiln drying helps prevent the boards from cracking and warping after installation.

For more information about MAR-K bed wood and the different options available, see our Online Catalog.

Cross Sills/Rear Cross Sills

Q: My 3rd cross sill is different than the ones I bought for my 55 Chevy. What?s wrong?
The 55 2nd series to 59 model Chevy short stepside beds originally had the 3rd cross sill that is different from the other two cross sills. The outer end of the 3rd sill is formed upward to provide clearance under the sill and outward from the frame. Your truck suspension may or may not require that special cross sill. It is available from MAR-K. Specify a #3 cross sill for your 55-59 Chevy short bed, part # 110483 to be sure your parts will fit correctly.
Q: The cross sill I have is different than the ones I bought for my 51 Chevy. The hole patterns are different and I can't install my wood and strips. What's wrong?
The 51 model Chevy stepside beds had two different wood bed patterns. The early 51 has 9 boards and 8 bed strips. The late 51 has 8 boards and 7 bed strips. This means the hole pattern on the cross sills will be different. Make sure you know what your original bed has, or replace all the bed floor parts (cross sill, rear cross sill, wood/strips/hardware) and buy them all to match one way or the other.
Q: Do the cross sills install in a certain direction and do they have a specific location on the frame rail?
Yes and yes. The stepside cross sills install like an upside down "U" with the flat area with the holes in it up toward the top of the bed. You can see diagrams of this in our GM Bed to Frame Mounting Examples. The specific location can be found where your bed mounting holes are in your bed wood. The bed-to-frame holes go through the wood, through the cross sill (or rear cross sill) and down to the frame. Fleetside cross sills are generally installed with a right side up "U", or the opposite of the stepside.
Q: My truck has no bed in it. How do I know how many cross sills my truck needs?
Go to the Online Catalog. Enter your year, make and model of truck. On most models, a truck bed diagram will appear in the right hand frame. Move your cursor over the cross sills in the picture to see how many you need.

Bed Sides/Front Bed Panels

Q: Do you make custom bed sides?
We make them every day! There are also over 20 other options for your bed sides. These custom "UPGRADES" are a MAR-K exclusive. Since we make your bed sides right here, we can customize them in lots of different ways. This can save you time and money at the body shop. Try polished stainless angles or teardrops welded on. Choose no latch, no angles, no fender holes or no embossment - it all depends on what you want to do with your ride. We also have some specialized upgrades for certain makes and models, for example, we can install the latch pin to work with MAR-K's custom tailgate with handle and latch mechanism. Go to our Online Catalog and see all the different options for your truck.
Q: Do MAR-K Ford bed sides have holes to attach the front bed panel to the bed sides, along the vertical surface?
Ford front bed panels are always bolted to the bed side at the top angled surface (two bolts on each side), and riveted or bolted or welded at the vertical surface. Customers drill their own holes or weld them to the front bed panel as they see fit.
Q: Are MAR-K Ford front bed panels just like the original?
Our front bed panels for 51-72 Ford short Flareside beds are made just like the original parts in shape, appearance, fit, and metal thickness. Some of the Fords used rivets to secure the front bed panels to the bed sides, and others were spot welded. MAR-K front bed panels do not have the holes drilled for rivets so that you can use either attachment method. We also have a custom front bed panel available for these trucks. This panel has pointed ends that meet at the top of the bed side. To see these two options, just go to the Online Catalog.
Q: Are your parts primered?
No. The sheet metal parts MAR-K manufactures are made of electro-galvanized steel. This means the metal is electroplated with a thin layer of zinc by the steel manufacturer. There are several reasons for selecting this steel for our product.

  1. Electro-galvanized steel is clean and dry. The parts you receive are free of contaminants such as dirt and oil which would cause problems when preparing for paint.
  2. The zinc protects our parts from rusting during our processing and while on the shelf. You are assured of receiving a clean, rust-free part which may be painted with minimal preparation.
  3. After the parts are painted the zinc under the paint helps prevent loss of paint adhesion or rusting if the paint surface is scratched or damaged.

For more information about this, see our Tips & Tricks page - Facts about our Parts.


Q: On a 47-53 GM truck, where do the 12" bolts go?
The 12" bolts go through the front cross sill and frame at the front of the bed.
Q: I am restoring a 67 GM truck with wood, strips and hardware. I am missing 7-1/4 bolts and I have extra 5/16" bolts. Why?
For 67 and newer GM trucks, the front hole of each bed strip (attaching to the front bed panel) is a different size than the rest of the holes. The front hole of each strip is 5/16" square. The standard hole size for GM bed strips is 1/4". This affects the bolts used in this hole. Please be aware of this before installing your strips so that you will use the correct bolt size and not come up short!

Mouldings and Clips

Q: What is the difference between the clips in a 69-70 GM Fleetside and a 71-72 GM Fleetside?
For 69-70 GM Fleetsides, side mouldings are attached entirely by screws or metal clips inside the mouldings. Each clip requires a hole drilled in the body and is held in the hole by either a stud and nut or a "push-in" snap type retainer. In the 71-72 model years, side mouldings are attached by a combination of metal clips and plastic retainers with adhesive. The metal clips are usually at the ends of the mouldings and the plastic retainers in the center. Holes are not drilled for the plastic retainers but are needed for the metal clips. MAR-K offers both types of moulding attachments. The mouldings come with clips according to the year specified.
Q: Can I order MAR-K mouldings online?
Yes, you can order moulding kits and individual mouldings using our Online Catalog.
Q: Do MAR-K mouldings include clips?
Yes, most of the MAR-K mouldings include the clips needed to install the part on your truck. Our clips are made to fit better than the ones GM supplies. We have mouldings for GM 55-59 and 62-72 Fleetside trucks.

Rear Pans/Front Pans

Q: Does the tag hang down past the box on a MAR-K rear pan?
Yes. Your tag will hang off your rear pan 1" - 1 1/2" depending on the year of truck. For more information on using a rear pan with the tag box, see our Tips & Tricks: Rear Cross Sill Modification to use MAR-K rear pan with tag box.
Q: What kind of taillights can I put in a MAR-K rear pan?
Billet aluminum taillights, such as those sold by Billet Specialties and many other retailers may be installed in the rear pan. Installation requires cutting a hole for each taillight and bolting it in place. Taillights should be installed in a fairly flat area of the pan and may require notching the rear sill for clearance around the taillight housing and wiring. Be sure the taillight location does not interfere with the truck frame.
Q: Are rear pans legal in my state?
We suggest that you check with your local police department or state police headquarters for information on legal requirements for rear pans and taillights in rear pans.
Q: Does the front pan have turn signal cutouts?
MAR-K front pans are made to fit 67-72 GM trucks. They do not have signal cutouts because you may have a different custom application than other customers do. Once you have your front pan, you can alter it to fit your needs or install it just as it is for a great custom look!
Q: Can I use a hidden hitch with MAR-K rear pans?
Yes, if you order a rear pan with a tag box. You will need to cut about a 4" opening in the tag box area for the hitch to fit through. It is best to install the hidden hitch first, then install the rear pan so you can see exactly where you will need to cut the hole. You will also need to use a flip-up license plate for your tag. Be sure to check local vehicle laws and requirements before installing the flip-up license plate. You can purchase a hidden hitch from another supplier; MAR-K does not sell the hidden hitch.
Q: Where would I install a rear pan on my stepside truck?
A rear pan takes the place of a bumper. The MAR-K stepside rear pan is unique from others on the market in that ours mounts up on the face of the rear cross sill, instead of beneath it. This makes our pan align with the tailgate instead of the rear sill. Our engineers designed this rear pan to exceed the competition and look the best on the customized stepside trucks. For more information see our Tips & Tricks: Rear Pan Installation.


Q: I have a GM Stepside truck. I want a slick way to get rid of my tailgate chains.
We have a tailgate for 54-87 GM stepside beds that is flush, but also has a handle and latching mechanism that eliminates the need for tailgate chains on your truck. For more information about this tailgate go to our Online Catalog. MAR-K also has this option available for 41-53 GM stepside beds. If you want to use a stock tailgate, MAR-K also has hidden latches available for 34-87 GM Stepsides and 58-66 GM Fleetside beds along with 53-72 Ford Flaresides and 48-85 Dodge Highside Stepsides. We make the link assemblies for these trucks as well. Look for these items under "Tailgate Parts" in your parts available list for your truck. For another option, MAR-K sells our tailgates with these barrel style latches and link assemblies already installed! MAR-K is the place for many tailgate styles and there is one that is perfect for your truck.
Q: I have a Chevy Stepside truck. I'm looking for a tailgate that's smooth inside and out. Do you carry anything like this?
Yes, we have a "flush" tailgate which fits 41-53 or 54-87 GM stepside beds. It is a double wall tailgate that has the appearance of a tailgate with a smooth cover on both sides. It is available smooth or with the GM Bowtie emblem.

Tailgate Covers/Weld-ins

Q: I have a GM S-10/S-15 pickup. Other tailgate covers and weld-ins just don't fit my tailgate right. They leave a gap between the tailgate and the cover. Do your covers and weld-ins do this?
MAR-K full covers and weld-ins for the 82-93 S-10 and S-15 have a special side "filler panel" to fill in the gap between the cover or weld-in and the tailgate. Just another reason to Get MAR-K Quality!
Q: I have a Dodge wide bed. The tailgate is a little scratched up on the outside but fine on the inside. What should I do?
Order a tailgate full cover from MAR-K! A full cover is available for 84-93 Dodge pickups and is made to cover the entire outside portion of your tailgate. You will need to relocate your handle to the back side (inside) of the tailgate using our handle relocator kits. Tailgate covers are available for Chevy, Ford and Dodge trucks.


Q: Can I ship to a different address other than my billing address?
Yes you can! Just choose the option Pay by Check or Money Order when you check out. All payments must be in US funds drawn on US banks. All personal checks will be held for 14 days before parts are shipped to be sure the funds will clear. For faster delivery, send a cashier's check or money order!
Q: Do you ship COD?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, check or money order. All payments must be in US funds drawn on US banks. However, we cannot ship COD. All personal checks will be held for 14 days before parts are shipped to be sure the funds will clear.
Q: What are your shipping charges?
Shipping charges are based on the actual weight and dimensions of the parts ordered combined with your zip code. Most orders will ship by UPS, but orders containing bed sides, longhorn or 1-ton bed wood, or bed strips/angles over 107?" are shipped by truck freight. There is also a non-refundable handling charge added to each order.

General Information

Q: What kind of Truck do I have?
Before ordering parts it is helpful to know the year, the make and the type of truck that you are working on.

Stepside / Flareside / Narrow Bed - These trucks are full size with large fenders on the outside of the bed, and the 'step' outside the bed as well. GM and Dodge refer to these trucks as 'Stepsides', while Ford calls them 'Flareside' trucks.

Fleetside / Styleside / Wide bed - These full size trucks have straight sides and wheel tubs inside the bed. The GM name for these trucks is 'Fleetside', while Ford calls them a 'Styleside'. Other names are 'Wideside' (GMC), 'Straight-side', etc.

Longhorn - This truck is a 67-72 series GM Fleetside truck that is 6" longer than the standard long bed truck. The bed measures 103" in length.

Cameo - This Chevy 55-58 series truck has the same size inner bed as a Stepside, but it has fiberglass outer bed side panels attached which makes the truck look like a later model Fleetside truck. It is not as common as the regular 55-58 series. The tailgate is different on this truck.

For more information on exactly what years these trucks were available, see our Tips & Tricks: What Kind of Truck Bed do I have?

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