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100616 - Front Bed Panel Hardware Unpolished Stainless


Front Bed Panel Hardware

$14.15 / KIT

Unpolished Stainless

Made to bolt the front bed panel to the bed sides, this kit uses 5/16" indented hex head bolts. Unpolished bolt kits have a matte finish, which may be painted, polished or left as supplied. The bolts which mount the front bed panel to the bed strips are not in this kit. These are included in the bed bolt kit or sold separately.

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1954 - 1987



1 Ton
1 Ton Stepside
1 Ton Stepside - 1st Series
1 Ton Stepside - 2nd Series
Long Fleetside
Long Fleetside 103in
Long Fleetside-Wood Floor
Long Fleetside-Wood Floor 97
Long Fleetside-Wood Floor 97in
Long Stepside
Long Stepside - 2nd Series
Long Stepside 1/2 ton
Long Stepside 3/4 ton
Long Stepside 89in
Long Stepside 97
Long Stepside 97in
Short Fleetside
Short Fleetside-Wood Floor
Short Stepside
Short Stepside - 2nd Series

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1954 - 1987
1 Ton
1 Ton Stepside
1 Ton Stepside - 1st Series
1 Ton Stepside - 2nd Series
Long Fleetside
Long Fleetside 103in
Long Fleetside-Wood Floor
Long Fleetside-Wood Floor 97
Long Fleetside-Wood Floor 97in
Long Stepside
Long Stepside - 2nd Series
Long Stepside 1/2 ton
Long Stepside 3/4 ton
Long Stepside 89in
Long Stepside 97
Long Stepside 97in
Short Fleetside
Short Fleetside-Wood Floor
Short Stepside
Short Stepside - 2nd Series

Every Style:

1954 Chevy Short Stepside;
1954 Chevy Long Stepside 3/4 ton;
1954 Chevy 1 Ton Stepside - 1st Series;
1955 Chevy Short Stepside - 2nd Series;
1955 Chevy Long Stepside - 2nd Series;
1955 Chevy 1 Ton Stepside - 2nd Series;
1955 Chevy Cameo;
1956 Chevy Short Stepside;
1956 Chevy Long Stepside;
1956 Chevy 1 Ton Stepside;
1956 Chevy Cameo;
1957 Chevy Short Stepside;
1957 Chevy Long Stepside 89in;
1957 Chevy Long Stepside 97;
1957 Chevy 1 Ton Stepside;
1957 Chevy Cameo;
1958 Chevy Short Stepside;
1958 Chevy Long Stepside;
1958 Chevy 1 Ton Stepside;
1958 Chevy Short Fleetside;
1958 Chevy Long Fleetside;
1958 Chevy Cameo;
1959 Chevy Short Stepside;
1959 Chevy Long Stepside;
1959 Chevy 1 Ton Stepside;
1959 Chevy Short Fleetside;
1959 Chevy Long Fleetside;
1960 Chevy Short Stepside;
1960 Chevy Long Stepside;
1960 Chevy Short Fleetside;
1960 Chevy Long Fleetside;
1961 Chevy Short Stepside;
1961 Chevy Long Stepside;
1961 Chevy Short Fleetside;
1961 Chevy Long Fleetside;
1962 Chevy Short Stepside;
1962 Chevy Long Stepside;
1962 Chevy Short Fleetside;
1962 Chevy Long Fleetside;
1963 Chevy Short Stepside;
1963 Chevy Long Stepside;
1963 Chevy Short Fleetside;
1963 Chevy Long Fleetside;
1964 Chevy Short Stepside;
1964 Chevy Long Stepside;
1964 Chevy Short Fleetside;
1964 Chevy Long Fleetside;
1965 Chevy Short Stepside;
1965 Chevy Long Stepside;
1965 Chevy Short Fleetside;
1965 Chevy Long Fleetside;
1966 Chevy Short Stepside;
1966 Chevy Long Stepside;
1966 Chevy Short Fleetside;
1966 Chevy Long Fleetside;
1967 Chevy Short Stepside;
1967 Chevy Long Stepside;
1967 Chevy Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1967 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1968 Chevy Short Stepside;
1968 Chevy Long Stepside;
1968 Chevy Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1968 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1969 Chevy Short Stepside;
1969 Chevy Long Stepside;
1969 Chevy Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1969 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1969 Chevy Longhorn;
1970 Chevy Short Stepside;
1970 Chevy Long Stepside;
1970 Chevy Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1970 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1970 Chevy Longhorn;
1971 Chevy Short Stepside;
1971 Chevy Long Stepside;
1971 Chevy Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1971 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1971 Chevy Longhorn;
1972 Chevy Short Stepside;
1972 Chevy Long Stepside;
1972 Chevy Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1972 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1972 Chevy Longhorn;
1973 Chevy Short Stepside;
1973 Chevy Long Stepside;
1973 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1974 Chevy Short Stepside;
1974 Chevy Long Stepside;
1974 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1975 Chevy Short Stepside;
1975 Chevy Long Stepside;
1975 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1976 Chevy Short Stepside;
1976 Chevy Long Stepside;
1976 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1977 Chevy Short Stepside;
1977 Chevy Long Stepside;
1977 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1978 Chevy Short Stepside;
1978 Chevy Long Stepside;
1978 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1979 Chevy Short Stepside;
1979 Chevy Long Stepside;
1979 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1980 Chevy Short Stepside;
1980 Chevy Long Stepside;
1980 Chevy Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1981 Chevy Short Stepside;
1981 Chevy Long Stepside;
1982 Chevy Short Stepside;
1982 Chevy Long Stepside;
1983 Chevy Short Stepside;
1983 Chevy Long Stepside;
1984 Chevy Short Stepside;
1984 Chevy Long Stepside;
1985 Chevy Short Stepside;
1985 Chevy Long Stepside;
1986 Chevy Short Stepside;
1986 Chevy Long Stepside;
1987 Chevy Short Stepside;
1987 Chevy Long Stepside;
1987 Chevy 1 Ton;
1954 GMC Short Stepside;
1954 GMC Long Stepside 1/2 ton;
1954 GMC Long Stepside 3/4 ton;
1954 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1955 GMC Short Stepside;
1955 GMC Long Stepside;
1955 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1955 GMC Suburban;
1956 GMC Short Stepside;
1956 GMC Long Stepside;
1956 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1956 GMC Suburban;
1957 GMC Short Stepside;
1957 GMC Long Stepside 89in;
1957 GMC Long Stepside 97in;
1957 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1957 GMC Suburban;
1958 GMC Short Stepside;
1958 GMC Long Stepside;
1958 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1958 GMC Short Fleetside;
1958 GMC Long Fleetside;
1958 GMC Suburban;
1959 GMC Short Stepside;
1959 GMC Long Stepside;
1959 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1959 GMC Short Fleetside;
1959 GMC Long Fleetside;
1960 GMC Short Stepside;
1960 GMC Long Stepside;
1960 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1960 GMC Short Fleetside;
1960 GMC Long Fleetside;
1961 GMC Short Stepside;
1961 GMC Long Stepside;
1961 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1961 GMC Short Fleetside;
1961 GMC Long Fleetside;
1962 GMC Short Stepside;
1962 GMC Long Stepside;
1962 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1962 GMC Short Fleetside;
1962 GMC Long Fleetside;
1963 GMC Short Stepside;
1963 GMC Long Stepside;
1963 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1963 GMC Short Fleetside;
1963 GMC Long Fleetside;
1964 GMC Short Stepside;
1964 GMC Long Stepside;
1964 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1964 GMC Short Fleetside;
1964 GMC Long Fleetside;
1965 GMC Short Stepside;
1965 GMC Long Stepside;
1965 GMC 1 Ton Stepside;
1965 GMC Short Fleetside;
1965 GMC Long Fleetside;
1966 GMC Short Stepside;
1966 GMC Long Stepside;
1966 GMC Short Fleetside;
1966 GMC Long Fleetside;
1967 GMC Short Stepside;
1967 GMC Long Stepside;
1967 GMC Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1967 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1968 GMC Short Stepside;
1968 GMC Long Stepside;
1968 GMC Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1968 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1969 GMC Short Stepside;
1969 GMC Long Stepside;
1969 GMC Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1969 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor 97;
1969 GMC Long Fleetside 103in;
1970 GMC Short Stepside;
1970 GMC Long Stepside;
1970 GMC Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1970 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor 97in;
1970 GMC Long Fleetside 103in;
1971 GMC Short Stepside;
1971 GMC Long Stepside;
1971 GMC Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1971 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor 97in;
1971 GMC Long Fleetside 103in;
1972 GMC Short Stepside;
1972 GMC Long Stepside;
1972 GMC Short Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1972 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor 97in;
1972 GMC Long Fleetside 103in;
1973 GMC Short Stepside;
1973 GMC Long Stepside;
1973 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1974 GMC Short Stepside;
1974 GMC Long Stepside;
1974 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1975 GMC Short Stepside;
1975 GMC Long Stepside;
1975 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1976 GMC Short Stepside;
1976 GMC Long Stepside;
1976 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1977 GMC Short Stepside;
1977 GMC Long Stepside;
1977 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1978 GMC Short Stepside;
1978 GMC Long Stepside;
1978 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1979 GMC Short Stepside;
1979 GMC Long Stepside;
1979 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1980 GMC Short Stepside;
1980 GMC Long Stepside;
1980 GMC Long Fleetside-Wood Floor;
1981 GMC Short Stepside;
1981 GMC Long Stepside;
1982 GMC Short Stepside;
1982 GMC Long Stepside;
1983 GMC Short Stepside;
1983 GMC Long Stepside;
1984 GMC Short Stepside;
1984 GMC Long Stepside;
1985 GMC Short Stepside;
1985 GMC Long Stepside;
1986 GMC Short Stepside;
1986 GMC Long Stepside;
1987 GMC Short Stepside;
1987 GMC Long Stepside;
1987 GMC 1 Ton

When shipped individually


Box dimensions (HxLxW):
5" x 6" x 4"
Item(s) weight:
0.378 lbs
Box weight:
0.43 lbs
Total weight:
0.808 lbs

Hi, over the past 8 years I've purchased a lot of parts,not once have there ever been any problems with the items..No scratches,dents,or defects of any kind!

Complete bed assemble-------perfect,all holes lined up on the money!

polished Bed strips and bolt kit-----Shines like a mirror!

I would recommend buying all of your parts from mar-K!
By Greg Helmetag
Part 120220 - Front Bed Panel Hardware Zinc Plated Steel

I received the following parts (below) earlier this summer and were very happy with their quality -- thanks!
By Jason Schall
Part 100615 - Front Bed Panel Hardware Polished Stainless

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