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Bed Kit Metal Parts

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A MAR-K Metal Bed Parts Kit for 1934-87 GM Stepsides and 1951-72 Ford Flaresides is made up of a pair of complete bed sides, front bed panel, rear cross sill, cross sills and/or reinforcement strips (correct number for your truck year) and tailgate. These parts are all 14-16 gage steel, depending on what was original. Kit also includes zinc plated tailgate chains* with black covers, zinc plated steel trunnions and fasteners along with the bed mounting pads necessary to install your kit. Detailed bed assembly instructions are included. Wood Bed Conversion Kits for GM 58-72 Fleetsides are also available. Choose a MAR-K bed wood kit with oak or pine wood, steel, stainless, or aluminum bed strips, and steel or stainless hardware to complete the bed.