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Classic Truck Trailer Parts

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MAR-K now manufactures new custom trailers that look just like a Classic GM ’55-’59 or ’60-’66 truck bed. Our patent-pending trailers have been created by the same team of engineers who use research and design to make our classic truck beds but with the added space and strength to haul all your stuff. Kits include all the parts you need to make your classic truck trailer including all the metal bed parts, wood bed floor and frame parts. Or order the trailer COMPLETE and we will custom make it for you. Choose your wood bed from oak or pine, stainless, aluminum or steel. The metal parts are manufactured of 16 or 14 gage steel, according to the original parts. Parts are ready to primer and bolt together. The kit includes hardware to bolt these parts together and bolt holes are provided. The kit also comes with instructions for bed assembly and bed wood installation. Made in Oklahoma City, USA!