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Raised Floor Kit

Raised Floor Kit picture

Raise the Floor and Drop your bed. MAR-K's new Raised Floor components are perfect for Drop Beds like the ones made by Art Morrison. These parts raise your bed floor three inches so the truck frame can be modified for EXTREME LOWERING. Your truck needs 4 types of parts – the rear sill extension, risers, a smooth front bed panel and angle upgrades – to make your drop bed a thing of beauty! Add these to your MAR-K metal parts kit when you order. MAR-K custom makes your bed sides with the angle upgrade to save you time and money at the body shop. If your metal parts kit includes the original front bed panel, you will need to remove that from your order and keep the smooth front bed panel when you check out. A smooth front bed panel must be used instead of a panel with embossment because the wood covers up the lower portion of the embossment. Made in Oklahoma City, USA!